The Examined Life: Owning Your Personal Story

There are lots of reasons to curate your personal story. Don’t be that person. Own it, wear it, and share it with the world, bumps and all.

Virtually Reality

Soon, all the experiences you ever wanted will be available without leaving the comfort and safety of home. But is that any way to live?

This is It

When the luster you added begins to rub off life, you’re faced with just one option.

4 Activities to Identify What Stirs Your Soul

Reconnect your inner essence with your outer actions to reveal your authentic self.

The Moment You Realize You're Acting Like Your Dad

It seems inevitable that we’ll all do it at some point in our lives. But we don’t have to accept it.

The Art of Soul

Aligning your outer actions with your inner essence.


Chinese food, Buddhist monks and the music of Martin Sexton: finding answers in the unlikeliest of combinations.


A semi-spiritual experience from an unlikely mentor, if you’re open to the possibility.